A character analysis of the tale the wife of bath

Analysis of Wife of Bath Geoffrey Chaucer was charged with rape by a woman named Cecily Chaumpaigne around the year It is most likely that a distinguishable character, such as Chaucer would not have been guilty of this charge. It is possible that this allegation of rape brought on to Chaucer by Cecily Chaumpaigne, is the very reason behind the Tale of the Wife of Bath. The wife of Bath is a tough woman with a mind of her own and she is not afraid to speak it.

A character analysis of the tale the wife of bath

He was condemned to death, but the Queen begged Arthur to spare his life. The Queen was given authority over the life or death of the knight, and she gave him a riddle.

She asked him to find the thing that women most desire, and she gave him a year to search for the answer, in any way he liked. He searched in vain, until he came upon an old and ugly woman.

Essential Chaucer: The Wife of Bath and Her Tale

He asked her the question, and she promised to give him an answer, providing that he would marry her if she gave him the answer. He agrees, and he returns to the Court to explain the answer in front of the Queen and lots of royal people.

The answer he gives is that women desire to have mastery over their husbands. Then, the old woman speaks, and tells the Queen about her arrangement with the knight, who tries to back out of it, but he has to marry the old woman, and is miserable with her.

His wife, knowing that he is depressed, makes him an offer. She shows him the virtues and vices of both a young wife and an old wife, and asks him to choose her young and promiscuous, or old and faithful.

Critical intention

The knight tells her that she should decide which way she thinks is best. The wife, having gotten mastery over her husband, praises him for his wise choice, and vows to give him both beauty and loyalty.Traces a sub-text of references to death in Wife of Bath's Prologue, and combines them with analysis of the Wife's false dream and her fight with Jankyn to suggest that the Wife and Jankyn collaborated to murder her fourth husband.

A character analysis of the tale the wife of bath

Character Analysis The Wife of Bath Bookmark this page Manage My Reading List The Wife of Bath is intriguing to almost anyone who has ever read her prologue, filled with magnificent, but for some, preposterous statements.

The Canterbury Tales: Novel Summary: The Wife of Bath's Tale, Free Study Guides and book notes including comprehensive chapter analysis, complete summary analysis, author biography information, character profiles, theme analysis, metaphor analysis, and top ten quotes on classic literature.

Before reading the Wife of Bath's Prologue Excerpt and Tale, as a class, we revisit the Wife of Bath's description in the Prologue of The Canterbury Tales. I give students time to review her description, and then I ask, "What does Chaucer tell us about the Wife of Bath?".

The Wife of Bath’s Prologue

Character Analysis on the Wife of Bath In today's society women are independent thinkers and non-conformists. Women are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas on issues these days.

Feminist nor Antifeminist character The wife of bath, a character in The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, has consistently been labeled as either a feminist or an antifeminist 4 / The Wife of Bath.

The Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale