Egg writing activities

A half-dozen size egg carton is perfect for making 3-letter CVC consonant-vowel-consonant words and a regular dozen size egg carton is a great place to build VCC and VCE vowel-consonant-e words, like bell and bake. Students read their word, build it with snowballs, and then write the word. First, students read their word, build it with snowballs, and then draw a picture to illustrate it. Have students build a word.

Egg writing activities

Print out two copies of this dice templateavailable at SparkleBox. On each side of each dice write the usual one to six numbers plus a different word - include as many Easter-related words as you can, but add some interesting ones: You may choose to make it a bit more challenging for older students.

Give them more difficult words to use, or tell them they have to make short story based on those two words. The best story wins!

egg writing activities

You may use uncooked eggs, hard-boiled ones, plastic eggs, or even chocolate eggs. Divide students into two teams. Each team member races to the finish line.

The winning team has to come up with ten Easter-related questions that the losing team has to answer. Here's your chance to provide some through an Easter egg hunt. First, write Easter related words in small slips of paper.

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Place each slip inside a plastic egg. Hide the eggs throughout the classroom or outside, if you can, and invite your students to participate in this exhilarating egg hunt. Their task is to write a story using the words they found in their eggs.

Do you want to have a fun Easter lesson, filled with games that are rich in learning possibilities? And if you're on the lookout for more great ideas for Easter lessons, be sure to check out our latest articles on Exciting Easter Lesson Plans and Egg-cellent Easter Crafts.

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Spring Break is half way through. So I took a couple of hours this afternoon to visit my classroom and get my ducks in a row for next week.

Our little St. Patrick's Day activities are on display around the room. But, as soon as we get back it will be the week of Easter. Easter Activities. Everything you need for a great Easter celebration with your kids: Easter crafts, decorations, worksheets, coloring pages, baskets, egg decorating ideas, games, poems and more!

Dying Easter Eggs. Directions for many different dying techniques (and how to boil an egg! *grin*). The kids always look forward to the annual egg drop project!If you’re unfamiliar with this popular STEM activity, the challenge is for kids to design a contraption using various materials (usually recyclables) to protect a raw egg from a high fall.

Use the Easter egg print-outs as: Coloring pages - have fun coloring or painting the eggs. Easter décor - color, cut out and use the Eggs to decorate your room for Easter.

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The egg drop challenge is one of my favorite science activities for kids! I love all the critical thinking involved in this science activity, but my favorite part is the excitement kids feel when taking part!

3 writing sheets for Easter - Palm sunday, Crucifixtion and resurrection. Picture to colour and lines underneath to write the story. A palm sunday writing sheet where the children use their senses to write about the day as if they were there.

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