Exceptional customer service

Here are 25 customer service strategies and tips from the pros to help shape your own customer service strategy. This can be through your website copy, internal policies about how to greet people who walk in the door, proper training of customer service staff, and so on.

Exceptional customer service

Customer Service Checklists and Tools: A repository of links to customer service checklists, assessments, and other improvement tools. Customer Service Doesn't "Just Happen". Even the cleaning staff contribute, and failure of any single part can destroy the customer's sense of being valued.

There is a lot to remember for each employee involved in the customer experience chain, and that's why smart businesses and smart managers use job aids -- reminders of what needs to be done, and when it needs to be done, so staff don't necessarily need to rely on their memories.

When there's twenty things to remember to do with respect to, let's say, a customer interaction, or to process a checkout, it's useful, particularly for newer staff, to have written procedures, or checklists to follow.

Staff often are aware of steps or elements that managers may forget. Not only will you end up with better procedures, but you demonstrate you value their expertise. While you want staff to follow the procedures, there is a point where staff need to be weaned off of job aids used DURING a customer interaction.

That's because while interacting with a customer, there simply isn't enough time or brain power to interact AND find something on a checklist.

Exceptional customer service

So be aware of staff that rely too heavily on the job aids when interacting. Procedures, checklists, and other job aids need not be complex. They can be as simple as five steps written out on a note and stuck on the cash register, or as complex as using a database and software as is often done in call centres.


What is important is easy access, and that staff find what they need when they need it; just in time information. Make sure that if steps have to be carried out in a particular order, that the order is clear to the staff.

It may seem common sense to you that "B" should come after "A", but it may not be to others. Below you'll find various examples of checklists that can be adapted to your business, and to stimulate your thinking about what you need to do to help your staff not miss steps or forget to do things that are part of the customer experience value chain.Home >> Customer Service Training.

Customer Service Training.

Exceptional customer service definition

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Autonomous CX Customer Experience by Jacada

Mind the Before and After Customer Experience Erika Ashley Couto, Owner, Driven Damsel The best customer experiences begin before someone actually becomes a customer. Motivate your teams by making sure that you hang some of these inspirational quotes on the walls of your contact centre.

1. There are no traffic jams. Today more than ever, customer service really matters.

Exceptional customer service

Technology is starting to replace many conventional human interactions, but is that a good thing? We all know robot customer service reps. After a long day of business meetings, sightseeing or catching up with old friends, travelers appreciate arriving at a comfortable and clean hotel room to rest their heads.

And, generally, all.

Exceptional customer service definition