Home sweet home essay for kids

This place is called home. It is kept in our memories as an ideal one, even if it is not so perfect. Home serves as a kind of fortress to us, our freedom and deeds. The word home is a many faceted word that combines different concepts.

Home sweet home essay for kids

Home sweet home essay for kids

My story is that I come from the typical middle-of -nowhere suburbia, where the grass is always green, and all of the houses look the same. When my step-dad past away, we sold the house and moved into town changing the way I lived my life.

The city feels like a different community and it seems to have a different atmosphere than the one where I came from. While writing this paper, it is my objective to become comfortable with my surroundings, and accept this community as mine. The typical stereotype for apartment complexes is the children are constantly running around causing trouble and the walls are so paper thin that everyone knows every aspect your life.

The children are confined to one area and the only time you hear from your neighbors is if you happen to run into them on your way out.

Home sweet home essay for kids

The quiet community is tucked away in a hollowed out forest just off of Van Mall Drive. The towering evergreen trees provide a pleasing shade and from time to time a rejuvenating breeze sweeps through the complex. The individual apartments are stacked two high and two across, thus creating a small sense of privacy and a satisfying feeling of comfort.

The apartments are painted beige and white, and the architecture indicates a hint of elegance. Everyone moved to these apartments for many reasons. We all have are different reasons for living in these apartments. Some of us live here with our families, while others live alone or with a buddy.

A close friend of mine has lived here for a long time, just recently broke up with his girlfriend, and now lives with a friend. Another family lives here because they are unable to afford a house, and they chose this place as a good place to raise their children.Dec 07,  · Speech for First Standard Students--Sweet Home.

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The concept of home is the central topic of this sample essay. Also, the role of home in various cultures and the mutual home-person influence are analyzed. Home Sweet Home essaysHome.

What do we think of when we think of a home?


A roof, four walls, windows and a door, right? Ask a child to draw a home, and in most cases, that's what you'll get. But is that really the essence of a home, or is it a lot more than that?

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Entering through the back door is the living room. The sudden aroma of my house smells of cinnamon and is always comforting. Home is the place where we are born and live.

It is the sweetest place in the world. When we sense danger elsewhere we find safety in our home. When there is joy, we share it with other members of our home. Everybody loves home. For this reason are English poet has written: "Home, home, sweet home.

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