My dream of pakistan

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Pakistan Of My Dreams Dreams are natural.

My dream of pakistan

In this essay I am going to explain in a little detail. Islamic Republic of Pakistan plays a role like brain in the body of whole Islamic community. It is said that Pakistan is the fort of Islam so I dream it like Madina which was the first ideological state of Muslims.

Ideology of Pakistan The first brick in the foundation of Pakistan was laid in A. The most outstanding contribution, however, came from Dr.

Sir Mohammad Iqbal, the great philosopher and poet and the symbol of Muslim nationalism. Pakistan ideology found ever-clearer expression in his religion-philosophical, didactic and poetic works.

At its base was the idea that spiritual unit founded on Islam was the most vital and integral element of national society. Islam emerges in this ideology as a form of National unity and absorbs all political thoughts. After a hard and heroic struggle by the Muslims of the sub- continent, the British Parliament was forced to approve the Indian Independence Act, leading to the birth of Pakistan on 14th August.

On this historic day the Quaid-e-Azam, while addressing the first session of Constituent Assembly of Pakistan in Karachi eulogized the services and sacrifices of the Muslims of the Sub-continent to achieve Pakistan.

An Islamic State Pakistan is an ideological Islamic State where Quran and Sunnah will remain the supreme guiding beacons for lawmaking in all spheres of life. The country was founded in the name of Islam and would always remain an Islamic country. Pakistan is NOT and will never become a secular State.

A Pakistan where justice is for all without fear or favor.

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A Pakistan where differences in thoughts, practices, beliefs are respected and not persecuted. Where there is harmony and moderation.

A Pakistan which develops to its full natural resource potential. Where the talent is fully explored and given an equal opportunity to lead the nation to a brighter future. Where there is hope not despondency. Where there is security for oneself and ones children. Where the respect and pride for the name, the anthem and flag is not forced but comes from the heart.

In my Dream Pakistan everybody has enough food to eat, and there is no scarcity of food. I want all of us to live in peace.

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I wish my dream comes true and my country Pakistan becomes a good place to live in. Conclusion Our young generation has a spirit and determination to make the country and the nation prosperous and it will definitely bring out the country from the present situation with its sincere efforts and devotion.

No doubt our young generation is capable and is the guarantor of bright future of Pakistan. The youth is precious asset of Pakistan. Pakistan have high hopes with it that it will utilize all its energies to steer out the country from the crisis and will put the country on the road to progress and prosperity, the dream of which had seen by the Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal.

All Rights Reserved This website uses cookies to improve your experience.Pakistan of my dreams is filled up with the best scholars of the world and everyone is well educated. Their chant is always the same and that is “Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world”.


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My dream of pakistan

equality in education of Pakistan is not possible. there are huge different in education for poor. they saw only dream for higher education in good institution. Photos Pakistani Villages. Editor’s Note: Rare black & white village life photos dating back to s are in the last portion of this post.

Pakistan is an agriculture based country and most of the population lives in the rural areas.

My dream of pakistan

People living in the villages have their own way of life which is . Sen. Gary Peters (D-MI) I am pleased to join you in commemorating the 71st Anniversary of Pakistan’s Independence. Founded in , under the leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Pakistan is a nation with a diverse cultural heritage and rich history.

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