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Royale business presentation nigeriaworld

By Emmanuel Aziken Posted to the Web: Friday, April 29, Also yesterday, a bill seeking to transfer arbitration of all labour disputes from the High Courts to the National Industrial Court passed through second reading in the Senate. The Bill is an amendment to Decree No 32 of prepared by the erstwhile military administration of Gen.

Abdulsalami Abubakar which had royale business presentation nigeriaworld others recommended the payment of N, monthly to former heads of state and presidents for their monthly upkeep. The decree had also prescribed the payment of N, monthly to former Chiefs of General Staff and Vice-Presidents for their upkeep.

However, the amendment Bill sponsored by President Olusegun Obasanjo had removed the former heads of state and the Chiefs of General Staff in the provision. Section 1 a i of the decree promulgated by the Abdulsalami regime had read thus: The Executive Bill proposed by President Obasanjo replaced the section thus: The report of the committee agreed with the provisions deleting heads of state from the section and also removing Chiefs of General Staff who were ranked number two in the political hierarchy of the military governments.

The Senate committee report was, however, quiet on what would be the fate of Gen. The Bill also grants privileges for all those covered by the bill including holidays, free postage, one telephone line to be maintained by government, and other prerequisites.

The Bill in the main seeks to create the National Industrial Court which will have exclusive right to arbitrating industrial disputes. Senators who spoke on the Bill generally praised Senator Osunbor for his initiative on the bill, though some of the contributors even in their praise disagreed on some of the provisions.

He was, however, countered by Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba SAN who said the court as desired would be a court of record, quite unlike magistrate and area courts that handle cases with summary dismissal.

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Posted by Publisher at The bail conditions were not given by EFCC. In the fresh counts, though not substantially different from the earlier 70, Mr Balogun was no longer accused of stealing money meant for the police.

Rather, all the count refer to obtaining public property in the value named after the charges, to which Balogun was accused to have diverted to personal use. Kalu SAN counsels to Balogun not only hinted on filing preliminary objections to the trial, but also complained that EFCC was carrying out actions which were both contemptuous and an act of intimidation on the courts.

According to them, going by press statements credited to EFCC, traditional rulers and other persons who had offered to assist their client, were subtly frightened by the commission. It is disrespect to the court and to your lordship for EFCC to be addressing the press on a matter that is already before the court," Chief Awomolo said.

The prosecution counsel alleged that EFCC had the feeling that the court may have been deceived that the people possessed all the credentials required as bail conditions.

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While the fresh charges were read, Mr Balogun told the court that he had never at any time been "known also as Adebayo Mustapha" to which the judge asked the lawyers to address in their briefs.

In taking the hint dropped by the defence counsels, Justice Murtala-Nyako cautioned the commission on its utterances and actions, pointing out that though EFCC had denied making references to the present case when it asked those who had received gifts from the police to return same, "the timing was improper" adding that "this court will not stop EFCC from doing its job.

Tanker Drivers Insist on Illegal Parking; Otedola pays N2m for release of trucks Hopes of a quick resolution to the face off between the Lagos State Government and the Nigerian Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers NUPENG over the on-going strike by tanker drivers in the state, were dashed yesterday as the drivers insisted they must be allowed to park their trucks on the highways.

By Mike Oduniyi and Shaka Momodu, Femi Otedola, had yesterday paid the sum of N2 million to cover the fine imposed by the Lagos government on the 40 fuel tankers earlier seized, in a spirited move to end the crisis.

royale business presentation nigeriaworld

NUPENG had given the release of their trucks as a condition for ending the five-day old strike, which has paralysed economic activities in Nigeria's commercial capital. Peter Akpatason, said after handing over the N2 million cheque from Otedola to the Lagos State Ministry of Transportation, the government issued fresh conditions that the union must meet before the release of the trucks.

But the Lagos State Government said we have to meet their own demand, which we are not ready to do.

April 29, 2005

We have even invited our members in other states to join in the strike and it will be total," Akpatason said. When asked what the new demands were Akpatason declined to mention them. Dele Alake, told THISDAY last night that no fresh demand were issued except that the seized trucks must be collected by individual drivers and not by the association.

He said the 40 tankers were impounded separately and would be so released.Online Business 29 mar. by no means understand. It seems too complicated and extremely extensive for me. Affiliate Marketing 29 mar. my presentation focus, which i am going to present in school. Modern Profit Professor 21 août Many thanks for .

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