The many changes that happened in the russian society between 1861 and 1917

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The many changes that happened in the russian society between 1861 and 1917

A kind and gentle man who refused to recognize political reality of Russia and introduce meaningful political reform. Reign characterized by defeat at the hands of Japan and political violence culminating in revolutions of and He came to the throne on 19 Februaryafter the death of his father.

Defeat in the Crimean War convinced the Czar that reform was necessary. He implemented important reforms. Most notable was the abolition of serfdom in The Emancipation Decree. Unfortunately under this measure, he offered so many concessions to landlords that many peasants found themselves in worse economic circumstances than before.

Many of the plots of land the peasants received were smaller than those they had farmed as serfs. The repayments over forty-nine years were a massive burden for the peasants. Political and legal reforms Although he refused to consider introducing an elected parliament, he did bring in some political reforms.

This included permitting each district to set up a Zemstvo. These were local councils with powers to provide roads, schools and medical services. However, the right to elect members was restricted to the wealthy. The legal system was also reformed in The judiciary became an independent branch of government.

Favour under the law for the wealthy and upper classes was replaced by what was supposed to be equality before the law.

Trial by jury was introduced for serious criminal offenses. Alexander also reformed the military, reducing duty from twenty-five years to six and people from all classes were obliged to serve.

The many changes that happened in the russian society between 1861 and 1917

Corporal punishment was abolished for soldiers and an effort was made to improve the professionalism of the officer corps. Opposition to his policies The major weakness of his policy was the absence of a genuinely representative parliament.

Reformers in Russia wanted the same democratic rights as those enjoyed in other European countries. In a group of reformers established Land and Liberty.

As it was illegal to criticize the Russian government, the group had to hold its meetings in secret. The movement split on tactics and in Octobera new group, the People's Will was formed. The group advocated the use of violence to achieve reform and decided to assassinate Alexander II.

They made several failed attempts on his life but killed several of his senior officials. On 1 March they succeeded in killing the Czar when a bomb was thrown at his carriage.

His death ended any hope of reform of the system from above. As a result of the assassination, Alexander III would not consider granting a parliament. He tightened censorship of the press and sent thousands of revolutionaries to Siberia.Between and the Revolution of , rural Russia experienced significant social and economic change.

Emancipation of the serfs began a sequence of reforms. + The Russian railway system developed from 1, km in to over 22, in (though this was still small compared internationally and given Russia's immense size).

The Russian Revolution of was said to be a major factor contributing to the cause of the Revolutions of The events of Bloody Sunday triggered nationwide protests and soldier mutinies. A council of workers called the St.

Petersburg Soviet was created in this chaos. While the Revolution was ultimately crushed, and the leaders of the St. Petersburg Soviet were arrested, this laid. VII: The End of European Hegemony. World War I. World War I: Trenches on the is best to start at the Library Page [At] Covers many aspects of the .

Russian Revolution (Society ) Essay Russian society had undergone many changes. It is safe to say that every aspect of that society had been some how modified.

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Although the events of the Russian Revolution happened abruptly, the causes may be traced back nearly a century. Society and creativity. the scientific revolution. and research papers The American Civil War was the many changes that happened in the russian society between and fought in the United States from to The result of a long-standing controversy over slavery.

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