The planners boey kim cheng essay help

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. He was born in Singapore and is now teaching creative writing in an Australian university. This poem is about how Singapore was planned and built because of the insatiable desire toward perfection of the people.

The planners boey kim cheng essay help

The poet talks about progress, and how they can be boring in the sense that we organize everything so neatly and that there is no more mystery left in the world. Every single thing is perfectly done until it is wrong to be human and make a mistake every once in a while.

So he starts to wonder; is this form of progress a good thing or a bad thing? Significant poetic devices and their significance eg: Metaphors, symbols, rhyme scheme, form, imagery, repetition… etc Structure level analysis 1. There is no indentation at all and every line start at exactly the same area.

You could draw a line through the beginning to use as a backing and all would remain in line.

the planners boey kim cheng essay help

This could exemplify the accuracy, the level of perfection that we find in progress. This could have been used by the poet as a form of rebellion over conformity. Alternatively he could have been addressing the issue of a small case of rebellion over robotic and repetitive thinking every single day, and to show that there is still a sense of originality and people who have not given up.

And they are hiding in places where you least expect it, in the fabric of the poem itself. Word level analysis 1. Rather throughout the poem the poet is talking about the same group of people. He could be referring in this way the multinational companies and conglomerates that run the world.

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They are the ones that spur on progress. On the other hand he could be using personification to refer to progress as an entity itself that changes the way we see our world, our city in a way that helps them develop.

the planners boey kim cheng essay help

Note the technical terms found in the first few lines of the poem. These indicate the fact that the thought of progress is already so ingrained into the minds of society and already ingrained into our vocabulary that it is already in our instinct to progress and no longer a choice. We can also see another form of personification towards the end of the stanza.

It also exemplifies the fact that even nature sees progress as something being more powerful than it, which is an unprecedented event.

On the other hand, the poet can be dealing with the problems of environmental degradation that comes with development and how development always comes at a price to the environment. We always find cases of illegal logging or deforestation, and the waters being polluted with litter.

He can be giving nature human attributes so that we can empathize with them more easily, and perhaps make us realize that development always has a cost. The first three lines of the second stanza emphasize on the perfection of progress.

Any imperfections of the past, we knock off. We get rid of anything useless, indicating maximum efficiency with the new world of progress, with dental dexterity.

When we usually think of dentists, we usually think of how everything is sterile, how the dentist is always so calm and collected and how everything he does is completely exact and accurate, which is the implication of the poet at this time. He wants us to note that correction that we make that is caused by the past is knocked away perfectly, never a wasted movement.The Planners Boey Kim Cheng Andrew Annear and Edward Scrimgeour Biographical details • Boey Kim Cheng was born in Singapore in He received his Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Arts degrees in English Literature from the National.

In “The City Planners” by Margaret Atwood and “The Planners” by Boey Kim Cheng, both poets build on the theme of not only sameness but the blandness of modern urban or suburban living which insulates man from the randomness and challenges of living in daily contact with the natural world.

”The Planners” by Boey Kim Cheng Essay Sample. The poem ‘the planners’ is written by boey kim cheng. He was born in Singapore and is now teaching creative writing in an Australian university. ”The Planners” by Boey Kim Cheng Essay Sample The poem ‘the planners’ is written by boey kim cheng.

He was born in Singapore and is now teaching creative writing in an Australian university. The planners boey kim cheng essay help. Bressay heavy oil. Vouch for my character essay Vouch for my character essay college life experience essay dbq a push essays ncaa research paper forced marriage law dissertation political factors that influence fashion change essay.

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