The quality of work life case

Bharatiar University, Department of Commerce, Coimbatore, India Abstract the employees happy and satisfied and also to ensure the quality of work life at the work place.

The quality of work life case

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Problems in Improving the QWL. Dissatisfaction with working life affects the workers some time or another, regardless of position or status. The frustration, boredom and anger common to employees can be costly to both individuals and organisations. Managers seek to reduce job dissatisfaction at all organizational levels, including their own.

This is a complex problem, however, because it is difficult to isolate and identify the attributes which affect the quality of working life. Profitability of a company is linked to satisfaction of its work force. A company that does not measure and improve employee satisfaction may face increasing turnover, declining productivity and limited ability to attract and retain qualified replacements.

Efforts towards QWL measurement help in efficient and effective allocation of resources to enhance productivity and stability of the workforce. Positive employee attitudes toward their work and the company. Increased productivity and intrinsic motivation. Enhanced organizational effectiveness and competitive advantage.

Quality of work life involves three major parts: Safe work environment provides the basis for people to enjoy his work. The work should not pose health hazards for the employees.

Companies should observe the number of working hours and the standard limits on overtime, time of vacation and taking free days before national holidays. The employee and the employer agree upon appropriate salary.

The Government establishes the rate of minimum salary; the employer should not pay less than that to the employee. Work represents a role which a person has designated to himself.

The quality of work life case

Some organizations view QWL as important, but do not formally link it to their strategic or business plans. Nature and Scope of Quality of Work Life: Quality of work life is the quality of relationship between employees and total working environment.

The following aspects improve the QWL: Recognition of work life issues: Issues related to work life should be addressed by the Board and other important officials of the company like why people are not happy, do they need training, why employee morale is poor and numerous other issues.

QWL can be improved if the staff is committed to improvement in productivity and performance. This issue can be taken by the board through staff recognition and support programmes. Board should prepare QWL reports on periodic basis to boost the system.

They can also introduce reward system which will be of help to them. Quality of work life teams: Board members should form the combined team of managers and workers and all the issues and common themes must be identified.

Both the leader and staff can assess the job requirement and decide jointly what type of training is required to improve the quality of work life 5. Formation of focus groups can affect the QWL and discuss the questions in a positive way like: Analyze information from focus group: After the formation of focus groups and their discussion on different issues and collection of information, the information should be analysed to give right direction to organisational activities.

Identify and implement improvement opportunities:Quality of work life of the employees working in different organizations can be enhanced by adopting the constructs of quality of work life.

Some of the constructs or dimensions of quality of work life are skill variety, task identity, employee participation, training and development, etc. Feldman () defined Quality Work Life is the quality of relationship between employees and the total working environment.

Lau et al,() described QWL as the favourable working environment that supports and promotes satisfaction by providing employees with rewards, job . Background & Aim:‌ Improving the quality of work life in hospital personnel is introduced as one of the important factors for ensuring the sustainability of the health system.

The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship among organizational justice and commitment, and job satisfaction with quality of work.

Quality of work life of the employees working in different organizations can be enhanced by adopting the constructs of quality of work life. Some of the constructs or dimensions of quality of work life are skill . Quality of work life is seeking new systems which can help the staffs to make a balance between their work life and personal life (Akdere, ).It includes any enhancement in the organizational culture which can give staffs a boost in the organization (Dockel, ).

The success of any organization is highly dependant on how it attracts, recruits, motivates, and retains its workforce. Today's organizations need to be more flexible so that they are equipped to develop their workforce and enjoy their commitment.

Therefore, organizations are required to adopt a strategy to improve the employees''quality of work life'(QWL) to satisfy both the organizational.

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