Touch the energy systems essay

The following essay was submitted to the Harvard MBA program by our client. The client was accepted to the program. Long Run Objective My long-run objective is to achieve a senior managerial position in a large multinational corporation that markets, or preferably manufactures, commodities. One of my highest aspirations is to be one of those who establishes, or significantly advances, such a corporation.

Touch the energy systems essay

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Why Solar If money fell from the sky, would you catch it? Harvesting that power is a smart and responsible investment. Energy and Equity Not only will you save on monthly utility bills, the value of your home will increase because with SolarMax you own your energy.

Big Impact, Small Footprint The average residential solar panel system reduces CO2 emissions equivalent to taking a sedan completely off the road each year.

Touch the energy systems essay

Energy consultant, Dan Cooley, has been on top of everything from beginning to end. Wonderful company to work with.


Much better experience than SolarCity which I found to be hard sell, expensive and deliberately mystifying. Then I met Pete from SolarMax. Not only was his deal better than other deal that I had been offered, but his customer service was unmatched! He designed a system for me that gave me more production at a lower cost as well as upgraded almost all of the lighting in my house to LEDs.

Approval was quick and Pete took care of everything with my HOA so there was truly no out of pocket cost for me. Pete Herrera, our initial contact and consultant, was very knowledgeable about the system and was there for us throughout the process.

All of the workers and engineers who were instrumental in installing our system were knowledgeable, patient with our questions and easy to work with.

They were all quite efficient and worked very well as a team. Our system was turned on today - about 7 weeks after our first consult and we are very happy to have worked with such a great team!

We spoke with several other companies and we are so glad we chose SolarMax. Our Sales Agent, Brandon Mezzanatto, is amazing and extremely knowledgeable. He stayed in touch with us through the entire process, answering every question immediately and completely.

He helped us understand that going solar is not an overnight process. There are many steps along the way that involve the electric company, the installers, the inspectors, the panel manufacturer, etc. If you want to drastically lower your electrical cost by this summer, I strongly urge you to start your process now.

It is well worth it. I highly recommend SolarMax and especially Brandon. My sales rep Dan C. The 2 day installation was on time and on schedule. He explained everything very clearly and gave us a comparable price to others. We went with him and his company because he was caring and trustworthy. We have saved so much money with no money down.

He has been there to answer questions even after we were installed 3 years ago. The best solar experience is with Brandon at Solar Max. He has been very helpful during this year whenever I call him with questions.

This guy is very honest and knowledgeable about his solar. I have recommended a friend that that also got solar from him.

Dan Cooley, our energy consultant is the best!Energy systems Creatine Phosphate system The creatine phosphate system is an immediate energy system. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is created without the presence of oxygen for short, fast bursts of power and energy.

Touch the energy systems essay

This is the first system used when performing any sporting activity. The Lactic Acid system’s only fuel is carbohydrates; this is what the Lactate runs on and is its only energy source. The Lactic acid system lasts from approximately 10 seconds to 3 minutes until your body moves on to the next energy system.

Main Energy Systems Used in a Game of Touch Football Essay Words 4 Pages There are three main energy systems used in a game of touch football which consist of the creatine phosphate (ATP PC) system, lactic acid system and the aerobic system. Main Energy Systems Used in a Game of Touch Football Essay Words | 4 Pages.

There are three main energy systems used in a game of touch football which consist of the creatine phosphate (ATP PC) system, lactic acid system and the aerobic system.

Each system plays a vital role during game play. This is an Essay / Project. Similar Documents to Energy Systems In touch Football. 33 Pages. Core 2 PDHPE - Factors Affecting Performance.

This student studied: HSC - Year 12 - Personal Development, Health and Physical Education. Core 2 PDHPE - Factors affecting performance.

Full notes for all dot points under students learn to and. University of Alberta, Alberta School of Business (Alberta) Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The University of Alberta sits in the center of Canada’s energy industry and the .

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