Understanding sexual harassment

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Understanding sexual harassment

Safe Church Website In the same way, if a professor engages in a romantic relationship with a student, that professor is using sex to create conditions for all other students that might be worse than for the student who is privileged by the relationship.

That is why these relationships constitute sexual harassment. The consent of a student to a sexual or romantic relationship with a faculty member is not sufficient to make this relationship legitimate, since the element of authority—the power differential between a student and a professor—is still present and cannot be eliminated.


For this reason, romantic or sexual relationships between Calvin College faculty and students are never acceptable. Calvin College will not tolerate sexual harassment or abuse of any kind. It is our collective responsibility to promote a safe learning environment. Calvin affirms its commitment to maintaining an educational and working environment that is fair, respectful, and free from sexual harassment.

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No one at the college may retaliate against a person who makes a bona fide claim of sexual harassment. Types of Sexual Harassment Sexual harassment can be verbal comments about a person's body, spreading sexual rumors, sexual remarks or accusations, dirty jokes or storiesphysical grabbing, rubbing, flashing or mooning, touching, pinching in a sexual way, sexual assault or visual display of naked pictures or sex-related objects, obscene gestures.

Understanding sexual harassment

Sexual harassment can happen to women and men, transgender and intersex persons, and those who are non gender-conforming. It is not limited by sexual orientation. Some types of verbal behavior that might constitute sexual harassment are:• Sexual harassment includes physical, nonverbal and verbal behavior.

• Gender-based slurs, lewd jokes and sexual contact are examples of sexual harassment. • Behavior that creates a sexually hostile learning or working environment is also sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment is a subjective experience. This means that in deciding whether or not a situation amounts to sexual harassment, it is the impact of the harassment on the survivor that matters, and not the intent of the person accused of the harassment.

UNDERSTANDING SEXUAL HARASSMENT AT WORKt BARBARA A. GUTEK* I. INTRODUCTION The topic of sexual harassment at work was virtually unstudied until the . Dec 06,  · 1. What is sexual harassment? Unlike criminal acts of sexual abuse or sexual assault, harassment in the U.S.

is a matter of civil law, tied to the workplace. Your anti-harassment policy should define harassment and sexual harassment, explain procedures for reporting it, and outline the consequences of harassing others.

A sample employee handbook containing this information, Swine Employee Handbook , is available from the Pork Information Gateway and is shown below. Sexual harassment can happen to anyone. While women are usually the complainants, men can also be victims. Although sexual harassment can occur in a variety of .

Understanding sexual harassment
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