Unethical police operations essay

He argues that ethics take into account processes and procedures. Essentially, ethics should help focus on proper concentration and coming up with decisions that are right and wrong instead of making choices about what is evil or not right. Indeed, ethics should be an issue of making moral judgment instead of moral thinking Svara, Usually, ethical standards are applied to limit organizational behavior of subordinates, therefore, the standards act as social control instruments.

Unethical police operations essay

Two concepts related to misuse of police power are police misconduct and corruption. The terms are sometimes used to describe the same behavior, though police misconduct can refer to a variety of behaviors that would not be classified as corruption.

These terms refer to several different types of common, criminal, and procedural infringement and a broader classification is wrongdoing Newburn, Police corruption involves the use of police force for personal benefits.

Corruption can lead to different types of financial and another type of material advantages that were obtained from the use of the power given by the law enforcement position.

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Common types of corruption include drug trafficking, buying or selling stolen merchandise, extortion, and bribery. Police departments have the responsibility to establish functional rules that are in accordance with laws and regulations, research and train officers in ethical decision, and evaluate officers for any health problems including mental health problems that may interfere with the officers ability to perform their job according to the laws and standards that must be followed.

Sometimes, it is possible to add over these cases additional claims for established infringement. While both common statues and criminal law target police wrongdoing, it is the federal law that has the strongest word to say in these cases, as federal law applies to all neighborhoods, areas, and states and can also target individuals that are employed in restorative offices.

Federal laws are meant to make it illegal for anyone working within law enforcement to deny or plan to deny someone else the rights provided by the laws and the U.

Corruption of Authority One of the most common types of police offense is a corruption of power. This type of offense can include different types of an assortment of material promptings, which can vary from business sex to clothing. While tips can significantly harm law enforcement, particularly in terms of strategy at the division level, they are not considered a violation of the criminal law statues when they are offered intentionally.

More specifically, tips are perceived as items that are often unharmful and simply reflect the desire of some civilians to make wellperforming police officers happy Newburn, While tips are often ignored by forces officers and the acknowledgement of them is affirmed, there are many people who have raised concerns about the negative effects of tips.

For instance, it is argued that tolerating tips can lead to a situation when the officer feels he or she has additional responsibilities toward the person offering the tip, such as offering uncommon or even unlawful favors in administration issues or in other areas. Police Corruption in the United States The history of the American police, like in other countries, has many cases of police misconduct, some of which have been huge scandals.

Perhaps the most known cases of police misconduct are related to brutality. In the United States, in particular, there is a strong link between allegations of police brutality and race.

In much of the American urban communities, cases of officers who abuse their power, particularly when working in impoverished neighborhoods are common.

For instance, New York City and Los Angeles-homes of several impoverished areas-are famous for many police brutality case. According to some experts, police brutality reflects important demographic, political, and monetary changes.

For instance, some police officers may be more prone to behave violently toward minorities. Others may be more prone to behave violently toward poorer civilians who are less likely to fill a case against them. Unfortunately, the prevalence of police brutality within the American society is not sufficiently documented as there is insufficient statistical data regarding police brutality.

According to the limited data available, 26, civilian complains were registered in and only about 2, of them were found to have merit.

It is difficult to tell whether this data could be generalized to other areas and whether the same statistical tendencies would be found today. One relatively known case of police misconduct occurred in New York City when 8 police officered were accused of cigarette trafficking and a firearm.

The scandal was the result of a two-year operation conducted by the FBI. More specifically, police officers offered M and M-4 gun to different types of purchasers who happened to be FBI agents. These officers also sold cigarettes in an underground market that was extended to several states. This highly mediatized police case is currently in the court Portway, At the present time, I agree with the outcomes, as the officer clearly infringed the law and put people in danger by offering programmed weapons for criminal activities, for which it was expected to have the case prosecuted by a court.

This case clearly damages the image of law enforcement and may make civilian asks themselves whether similar cases are common yet undiscovered.

Case of Police Brutality One case relative to police brutality occurred in Elizabeth, New Jersey in when a police officer was accused of gun whipping at a suspect.

This scandal was even more serious because the investigation within the department said that the incident never. I believe the outcome is reasonable considering that the officer intentional abused his power.However, unethical conduct by the nation’s police officers continues to occur in departments large and small.

Research into police corruption offers some understanding of the phenomenon in the hope of rooting out this behavior that serves to undermine the overall legitimacy of law enforcement.

the operations of the police to include activities conducted in the field by law enforcement officers as they “serve and protect,” including patrol, traffic, investigation and general calls for service. Center for Problem-Oriented Policing.

Unethical police operations essay

In fact, since most studies showing any extended crime reduction benefits of sting operations have also reviewed other police responses used with the operations, it cannot be concluded that stings, on their own, solve a recurring crime problem.

They May Be Deemed Unethical. Essay on The case of unethical behavior in the Criminal Justice field.

Unethical police operations essay

In other words, the case of Kalvin Michael Smith proves that unethical behavior by the police investigators and prosecutors resulted in a wrongful conviction of a black man (Kalvin Michael Smith vs.

Todd Pinion, Memorandum Opinion and Order, ). When the general media discuss competitive intelligence work, they frequently use terms like "snoop," "corporate spooks," "James Bond tactics," and "spies/spying," implying illegality or at least questions about the legitimacy of the field (Dumaine, ).

Unethical Police Operations Paper Kareem Dorsey CJA January 10, Scott McMillion. Police officer asking for sexual favors while on duty is a misuse of power and displays corruption and a bad representation of ethics for the police department.

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