What is public realations

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What is public realations

The obvious next question is What is a normal controller? Well, a normal controller in the context of this blog post is a controller which either renders a view or handles form submissions. I recommend that you read the first part of this tutorial before reading this blog post If you have already read it, you are allowed to continue reading Getting The Required Dependencies with Maven We can get the required testing dependencies by adding the following dependency declarations to the POM file of our example application: We use Jackson to transform objects into url encoded String objects.

We use Hamcrest matchers when we are writing assertions for the responses. If you wan to get up-to-date information about writing unit tests for Spring and Spring Boot web apps, you should take a look at my Test With Spring course: We send a request to the tested controller method.

We verify that we received the expected response. These classes are described in the following: We can build our requests by using the static methods of the MockMvcRequestBuilders class.

What is public realations

Or to be more specific, we can create request builders which are then passed as a method parameter to the method which executes the actual request. The MockMvc class is the main entry point of our tests. We can execute requests by calling its perform RequestBuilder requestBuilder method.

We can write assertions for the received response by using the static methods of the MockMvcResultMatchers class. Next we will take a look at some examples which demonstrates how we can use these classes in our unit tests.

We will write unit tests for the following controller methods: The first controller method renders a page which shows a list of todo entries. The second controller method renders a page which shows the information of a single todo entry.

The third controller method handles form submissions of the form which is used to add new todo entries to the database.

Excpected Behavior The implementation of the controller method which is used to show the information of all todo entries has the following steps: It gets the todo entries by calling the findAll method of the TodoService interface. This method returns a list of Todo objects.

It adds the received list to the model. It returns the name of the rendered view. The relevant part of the TodoController class looks as follows: Todo Entries Are Found We can write an unit test for this controller method by following steps: Create the test data which is returned when our service method is called.Discover the best Public Relations in Best Sellers.

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